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Installation and Configuration

Video tutorial on setup and configuration now available (11 MB, download)
  1. Prepare database
    1. Create new database in SQL Server 2005 or higher (previous versions of Microsoft SQL Server should work too but aren't officially supported).
    2. In the context of newly created database, run the NemesisSwitchboard.sql script and let it create the database structure.
  2. Prepare application
    1. Copy content of the WebCore directory to some folder on your web server.
    2. Create new web site with root pointing to the folder you created in previous step. Good host name for such site may be for example
    3. IIS 6.0 only: Create wildcard application mapping for all requests to aspnet_isapi.dll.
    4. Modify the web.config file so the NemesisSwitchboardConnectionString points to the database created earlier.
  3. Setup the system
    1. Go to
    2. Log in as user administrator with the password password.
    3. Click the key icon in the upper left corner, besides your user name, and change your password to something more complex.
    4. Create new host with the host name you are using, ie.
  4. Finished! Now you can create entries for permanent URLs like

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